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About Me

My name is Andrew Wu, lives and works in Stockholm Sweden.

I am an individual consultant with extensive experience in Java, Bigdata and Machine learning. My services including but not limited to:

  • Java service development
  • Big data & Machine learning
  • Cloud technologies (public and private)

Contact me if you need a hand or advices, and you are welcome to add me to your Linkedin contact.

Big data & Machine learning

Technologies supporting big data and machine learning like hadoop are more than 10 years old. If you think big data is a buzz word, then you are falling behind.

Big data and machine learning is about three things in my mind:

  • Ability to fetch and store large number of data.
  • Ability to analyze big data efficently.
  • Ability to use the data and enpower your business.

Key competences and Technologies

  • Apache Storm, Flink, Spark
  • Cassandra, Riak databases
  • Evolution Algorithm
  • Realtime recommender system

Cloud technologie

Alright, “Cloud” is a real buzz word. Some people understand is the cloud drive, on-demand virtual machines, or the stuff floating on the sky… I say cloud is all those combined with out the floating stuff of course.

Key competences and Technologies

  • AWS EC2 & VPC
  • Cloudfoundry

Java Development

Ten years of professional experience tought me how to build maintainable and performant service. I deliver any part of a service, front-end and back.

Key competences and Technologies

  • Java SE/EE Spring, Springboot
  • Javascript, CSS
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Riak